A Trio of Pears

I’ve had a small black canvas prepared for weeks now. It has been just begging me to paint on it. The few ripe pears in the fruitbowl were about to disappear and they looked so delicious, I just had to paint them. Usually it takes me ages to do a finished painting but this one I stopped myself after a few hours. Now I’m thinking they need company. Maybe a trio in orange or purple.

5 thoughts on “A Trio of Pears

  1. Hi Jenny,
    Just found out from Debbie Teakle that you were blogging. Yay!
    I absolutely love this painting of pears.
    Are you going to be selling them?
    Please do!

    • Hi Alley,
      Thanks for your comments. Deb has been encouraging me to do this for a while. I’ve only recently begun painting again after a long break and am just loving it. I went back to TAFE to do a cert 3 in visual arts last year to get me inspired, but now I’m on my own. This is helping me not to loose momentum.
      I love your blog by the way. So many beautiful things to make. I love the idea that lots of stuff can go on to have another life. Sometimes a more useful life than the one for which they were intended.

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