We used to have chooks. People keep telling me how great they are, but ours were nothing but trouble. We only had four of them. They were the kids pets, but I was the one who mucked out their cages and got into trouble when they were a nuisance to our neighbours. When we extended our house we had a temporary kitchen in our carport. Of course the chickens moved in thinking it was more comfortable than their place. We would come home to chickens on the dining table and fesh warm eggs on the lounge. One even laid an egg in the back of the plumbers van! They liked the veranda better than the back yard and I was forever hosing off their mess. Their social lives were complex and their pecking order was easily disturbed. Summer, the big red rooster was stunning and he was definately the boss of his hens. Blacky, was the dominant female, Winter, another hen was younger but more agressive and forever challenging her place and poor Speckles bore the brunt of everyones frustration. This drawing was begun in paint and finished in pastel. Young Winter in the background looks like she has a wicked plan.

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