Is this one ripe mum?

Our fruit bowl has been full of wonderful Summer fruit. The kids have been feasting on necterines and plums. In between organising our social lives, domestic duties and going to the beach I’ve finally managed to get some time to paint. The plums with their rich luscious colour and the pale blue blush were just too much to resist. I began painting them in bright purples and oranges, because I like those colours together and ended up making the colours darker and more velvety. I like the way they merge from the dark canvas like planets in the cosmos. While I was arranging the fruit for sketching and photographing, I noticed a small bite on one of the plums. My littlest has trouble telling if the fruit is ripe. This one was not quite ready.

I’ve been using something called ‘acrylic open medium’ made by Matisse. It keeps my acrylic paints, wet and viscous. It gives them that glossy look similar to oils. It is great for layering paint but you do have to wait for it to dry.

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