Backyard Dunny – Autumn

This small painting is of our ancient backyard dunny. I thought I should immortalise it before it falls down. The dunny belonged to the old cedar house that stood on this block before we arrived and it is in a charming state of decay, held up only by the orange Trumpet Vine that grows over and through it. It changes with the seasons. In Autumn it has this wonderful stick hat and in the Summer it is alight with bright green foliage and large orange trumpet like flowers. The boards are dropping off and the vine has broken the front louvers. I will be very sad when it finally rots to the ground. Where the vine comes through the wall I’ve hung an assortment of old horse shoes found when mowing or gardening.  Our mower lives in the shed, along with an odd assortment of rusting tools and a few hardy rats. I don’t go in there if I can help it. I just stand at the door and reach in for what I need.

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