Digital Flannel flower

A few weeks ago I became the last person in our family, over 10yrs old to get an i-device. Having always considered myself a more traditional artist I balked at trying to create digitally. In my mind it was going to be a restrictive and stifling experience. As someone who loves getting messy playing with paint and pastel the idea of making art and not being able to immerse all my senses was a foreign one. To my surprise, I love it. I still love paint but I have discovered a new way of creating and it is thrilling to be learning something so different. Being able to go out and about with a portable paintbox with unlimited colours and tools is wonderful. Working in layers is very freeing and gives me a new way of planning, and I must admit, I also like having an undo button. I am not as reluctant to try new colours or approaches or tweak my design because I know I can always save a copy. With a painting, getting back what you have lost is difficult, frustrating & demoralising.

This Painting was done using an app called ArtStudio.

One thought on “Digital Flannel flower

  1. Hi Jen

    WOW, I am so impressed, I love this whole blog of yours, so glad you are preserving your older artwork.
    Good on you for doing this, You are really blessed by God with a wonderful gift of perception and to be able to create stunning artwork that reflects all you see around you.
    LOVE ALL your work – but then I always have.

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