Stormy Ocean

Being near the ocean just makes me feel good. We go there when we need to relax or talk. It is where we swim, play with the kids and meet with friends. It is also a great place to take photos. Late in the afternoon, the sun setting behind the dunes makes for an amazing light show. Stormy skies add to the drama. The west setting sun, flashes across the top of the waves and the dunes. Sometimes we are treated to the company of wales or a pod of dolphins who will surf in unison. How amazing it is to live so close to the sea. I haven’t been able to paint for a while. Just too busy. Last week I injured my knee and couldn’t walk on the sand for a couple of days. This small painting reminds me of how it feels to be on the beach when I can’t be there.

5 thoughts on “Stormy Ocean

  1. Oh Wow! Thats really an awesome work of art!

    I like how you painted the thin layer of water on the beach and the way you created the overall fuzzy almost impressionistic look.

    • Hey thanks, I’m glad you like it. It is always encouraging to get some positive comment. I hadn’t painted anything for a while and was so impatient I put the colours on the canvas straight out of the tube mixing as I went.

  2. Beautiful capture of the beauty and power of the ocean! Do you ever allow anyone to use your image for a top of the page Facebook background with credits to you? If would have to be cropped to fit the space but I love your work. I certainly understand if not.

    • Thanks for your positive feedback about my painting. Im always a little surprised when people comment on my art as I paint mostly for myself and those close to me. Iā€™m happy for you to crop to fit your personal Facebook page and give the appropriate credit. If you could link it back to my blog that would be appreciated.

      • Thanks so much, Jnizzie. You create amazing images! I’ve written a little story about a shipwreck and am trying to create a Facebook page. I’d be happy to link back to your blog. šŸ™‚ Can I copy the image off your page? Please also share privately exactly how you would like the credits to read. Thanks again!

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