Last Christmas we snorkelled in amazingly clear water at Cunjurong Point on the South Coast of NSW. The patterns created by the light filtering through the water onto the white sand below was just beautiful. I found it incredibly difficult to paint these patterns in the random way they appear. The waves above informing the pattern beneath but looking so different. I also struggled with whether to put other things in the painting. In the end I decided that they would just detract from the feeling of infinity that I loved so much.

Clear water at Cunjurong Point NSW

Clear water at Cunjurong Point NSW

5 thoughts on “Under

  1. WOW! This is beautiful Jen. I want to dive right in. I love the patterns you have created and yes, the feeling of infinity. Just beautiful, You really should think about having an exhibition at some stage.

  2. Hey Jo, Thanks. Good to hear from you. At this stage in our life I’m about as likely to stage an exhibition as you are. But I’m glad you liked it. My painting is still something I do when space, time and inspiration allows. Do love it though.
    Not always completely loving the results but the process is very satisfying.

  3. Beautiful!!! I came across your amazing paintings while searching for a blue water painting for my porch. Do you have prints for sale by chance?

    • Hi Michelle, Thanks for kind appraisal. Sorry for late reply.I have not produced any prints but will look into it for you if you are still looking for something. At the moment it hangs in my husbands windowless office. Jenny

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