Monster Makeovers

Recently my sister sent me a video of a lady called Sonia Singh from Treechange Dolls. Sonia removes the faces of second hand dolls, mostly Monster High and Bratz dolls, and gives them new friendlier faces. Her mum then finishes them with beautiful hand sewn & knitted outfits. When I showed my youngest daughter she got very excited and asked if I could change the faces of her dolls too. Although she loves the jointed flexibility of her Monster High dolls she explained to me that, “my other dolls didn’t like to play with them because they don’t look friendly”. Willing to give anything a go I stripped off their faces using acetone & eucalyptus oil & repainted them using my acrylic paints. My littlest loves their new look and they can now be friends with her other dolls.

The original dolls looked like this

Monster highs





With their makeover…

monster makeovers 1IMG_0866


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