Stable Project

Thought I’d post this fun project my daughter & I worked on together. She is a devoted collector of Schleich figurines. They are very realistic and are made mostly in proportion with other animals in the series.

At the moment horses are her favourites. I scouted around the local shops looking for a stable for her to play with, intending to buy it for her birthday. Unfortunately it was out of our price range, so I set about making one myself. With lots of guidance and suggestions from my daughter this is what we ended up with.

We tried to use what we already had. The only things we bought for the project were the chains, hooks and hinges. Fruit and vegetables were modelled out of salt and cornflour dough. The stable itself was made from a piece of compressed board from the hardware (bought for another project I didn’t get around to doing). These are just some of the things we used: paddle pop sticks for shelves, an old toothbrush cut & glued for a broom, wire covered in florist tape for the pitchforks and shovel, chaff bags from old jeans, buckets from medicine cups, feed boxes from balsa wood off cuts. We even made some horse manure out of salt dough to make it extra realistic.

It was a real challenge and great fun trying to find different ways of creating the things she wanted in her stable.

Stable stalls from above

Stable from above


Stable wash area

Stable with roof

Stable wheelbarrow & tools

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