This year for my daughter’s birthday I made her a doll house. It is made from 5mm thick sheets of particle board. Not as sturdy as ply wood but when glued and painted thoroughly should last the distance. My only tools are a hand saw, electric drill and Dremel tool but they were adequate for the job. I like the challenge of working with what is at hand.  The doors and door frames are reinforced with paddle pop sticks cut to length so the screws don’t pull through the particle board. We had an odd assortment of furniture, figures and animals that all needed to fit nicely in proportion inside her house. After looking at a few ideas I decided to make my own plans so it would be reasonable proportion. (Don’t you love youtube and being able to watch all those clever people out there who are happy to share their skill and knowledge. Thank you!) It is a work in progress. On the weekend I drilled through the back board and installed fairy lights so it looks beautiful at night. To finish it off she would like me to make a double opening front so it looks like a proper house. A holiday project for us.

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